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  • How much do your sheds cost?
    We have a variety of products and options available. For pricing on an in stock building, see our online inventory. For custom order pricing please see our 3D builder or contact a dealer directly!
  • Can I buy a shed online?
    Yes! We have a dedicated online sales staff, as well as support technology in every office to allow you to complete your purchase entirely online. The only caveat is that you'll have to be within delivery distance for us to sell you a shed!
  • What areas do you service?
    We have sales offices in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. For a full list of our sales office please see our dealer locator tool.
  • What size are your shed doors?
    Our standard shed doors on wooden buildings are 4' wide and 6' wide depending on the size of the building. We also offer custom door sizes, as well as a variety of non-standard door options.
  • Is my gate big enough to get a building in?
    We need the width of the building + 2' to get a building onto a property. This would mean a 10' wide gate for an 8' building, etc. Please be considerate of other obstacles such as trees, powerlines, and sprinkler systems. A sales manager will go over these details and others with you at the time of sale, but please feel free to reach out to someone if you want to know more.
  • Is delivery extra?
    Delivery is included with all sheds within 30 miles of a sales location. If you are further than 30 miles delivery may still be possible but is subject to an upcharge. A local manager can look up your address and contact our delivery department for more details.
  • Can your building meet my HOA requirements?
    Yes, most of the time. We can't guarantee that our sheds meet every HOA's requirements but we have several lines of products that are specifically meant to make HOAs happy. On top of that we can paint your building any Sherwin Williams color. If you know your house's colors, we can help you match your shed to it. This oftentimes goes a long way with HOAs.
  • Do I need a permit?
    Maybe. We can't know the local requirements of every city and county. Most cities have some sort of permit requirement. We ask that customers reach out to their local jurisdiction zoning or permitting department to find out. If they do, we'll do our best to help you meet those requirements.
  • How much is the down payment?
    Down payments can differ depending on the product and payment program chosen. Cash customers buying a portable shed should be prepared to pay 10% at the time of order. But we do offer various programs including a no-credit-check rent to own program with low down payments, and traditional financing options with possible 0$ down for qualified customers.
  • Do you offer financing?
    We do! We offer at least one financing option in every office, but some offices have multiple programs available depending on local financing partners. There are a few products for which this isn't available, check with your local office for more information.
  • Do you offer rent-to-own?
    We do! We offer a no-credit-check rent to own program available on most of our products. There are a few products for which this isn't available, check with your local office for more information.
  • Do you offer build-on-site buildings?
    Yes. We offer build-on-site steel structures including garages, carports, step-down barns and more.
  • Do I need a concrete pad?
    A concrete pad is not required for any of our buildings but depending your usage may be required by your local zoning office. Our portable sheds include delivery within 30 miles, as well as blocking and leveling the building on concrete blocks.
  • Do you sell steel garages?
    We do! We sell steel garages, barns, carports and more. Reach out to a local office to design your steel building today!
  • When should I have my concrete pad installed?
    When buying a steel structure it's best to get started on the concrete as early as possible. Your first step is to make sure your zoning and permitting is squared away. But as soon as you're sure that you're ready to go, concrete should be in process. Buildings going on concrete will not be scheduled for delivery until concrete is poured and dried.
  • What are the delivery and installation requirements?
    We require enough space to get the building onto your property and into the place where you want it, with enough room to get our equipment out around it. This space will vary depending on the product and size. Reach out to a local office for questions about your product specifically.
  • Do you level the ground?
    We do not. For steel structures we require that the customer level the ground or have concrete poured that levels the ground to within 2". For sheds, we deliver and block the building. So your ground doesn't have to be level but the shed will be leveled on top of it.
  • Do I have to have electricity at the property?
    No, we do not require electricity at your property to deliver the building.
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