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We offer free delivery within 30 miles of the location you purchased your shed from. Additional fees for delivery over a 30 mile radius. Basic setup and leveling is included in the sale price which also includes one row of cement blocks. Additional fees for added blocks and anchors.


Prepare for Delivery.


Measure before purchase.

Measure and remove any and everything and may will effect the delivery of your new building (if possible). The easier the locations the quicker the setup.


Give em' 2 ft.

All portable buildings require a clear pathway of at least 2 ft. wider than the building on each side. This includes space for any tight turns before reaching the location. 


What's included?

Delivery and Setup includes one layer of 4 inch solid cement blocks and any needed for leveling purpose within 30 miles. 



Measure the distance between buildings, trees porch overhangs, fences and gates. The height of low hanging branches and wires.

8ft. wide: 10ft. ground clearance

10ft. wide: 12ft. ground clearance

12ft. wide: 14ft. ground clearance


Height requirement.

All buildings require 14ft. - 16ft. in its pathway and final location.


Not prepare for delivery?

If you have not properly prepared your property for delivery AHEAD OF TIME, any additional delivery attempts will need to be rescheduled, and you may be required to pay delivery fees for any subsequent attempts.

We had to work out approvals with our HOA and Carrie was very patient. The shed arrived in a timely manner. The driver was also very professional and knowledgeable. He made sure everything was okay during and after setting the shed in place. I will definitely recommend this establishment.

Angie Ravenel

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